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With a fleet of over 440 heavy-duty cars, Kasgro Rail Car Management works daily to provide solutions to the varied needs of the multi-dimensional rail transportation industry.

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Our Mission

Kasgro Rail Car Management, with offices located in Corydon, IN, is responsible for the daily management and movement of the over 500 heavy-duty cars that carry the KRL mark.

The KRCM team works daily with all major and shortline railroads to facilitate the movement of KRL cars in an effort to fulfill requests from the railroads, shippers and various logistics companies throughout North America. In addition to fielding car requests, the Corydon office is also responsible for the invoicing and payment scheduling of all fleet cars.

Whether your need is a single move or a multi-car project that requires several moves, KRCM can assist you and provide you with a combined knowledge of over 100 years of heavy-duty rail experience.

Contact Our Team

Office Phone: 888-203-5580

Jeff Ketterman General Manager

(Cell) 812-267-2770

Rick Ford Asst. VP Mechanical & Utilization

(Cell) 502-424-6573 / (Home Office) 502-375-1900

Terra Senn Office Manager

Janna Andry Office Assistant