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New Car Manufacturing

The experts in our engineering and manufacturing departments focus on building heavy-duty railcars utilizing our patented tri-span bolster. As a result, we've built some of the industry's finest 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 36-axle Flat, Depressed, and Schnabel Railcars to date.

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Our Services

Red 'n Ready!

Our manufacturing department does much more than build railcars. Our team has the resources and the know-how to fill nearly any rail shipping need. Here are some of the services we offer.

Delivering carriers to Kasgro Rail Corporation are CSX and NS.

Kasgro embraces Quality Assurance Standards in all operations.

Kasgro is AAR G-1 and G-2 certified.

New Car Design and Construction
  • AAR M-1003 Certified, Indluding Finite Element Analysis
  • Specialty Car Design, Construction, Repair, and Leasing
  • Manufacture standard type railcars in small quantities, including flat cars, ballast cars, ore cars, ribbon rail cars, side dump cars, spine cars and more.
Cleaning & Painting
  • Application of Exterior Paint and Stenciling
  • Car Dismantling
  • Railcar Blasting and Painting
  • Rail Car Deck Cleaning
Steel Fabrication Work
  • Video-Fabrication Control Processing
On-Site Field Inspections and Repairs
Repair & Maintenance
  • Heavy Wreck Repair, and Rebuilding
  • General and Light Repairs - All Cars
  • Program Repairs
  • Defect Card Repairs
  • AWS Certified Welders and Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Tear Down Inspection and Repairs
  • Aluminum Car Repairs
  • Roller Bearing Replacement
  • Complete Golden Shoe Testing
  • Reconditioned Repair Parts
  • Joint Inspection Certification Preparation
  • Bolster and Side Frame Reconditioning
  • Rule 88 and Rebuild/Modification
Custom Billing Available

Contact Our Team

Office Phone: 724-658-9061

Ken Heydorn Executive Vice President Sales

(Cell) 630-235-7716

Cory Wagner AAR Repair & Service